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X3Analyses is a financial analyses application, developed and operated by Balkan Services, Ltd. and Financial Market Service, Ltd. - a solely-owned subsidiary of Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia. X3Analyses is developed using QlikView - a product for analyzing multi-dimensional data. Ernst & Young Bulgaria and First Financial Brokerage House provided advice with respect to the selection of the financial ratios and the method for their calculation.

X3Analyses provides high-quality financial analytics and analysis tools to carry out reliable and accurate business valuation, screening and benchmarking on the securities trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia. X3Analyses' mission is to serve investors by simplifying company analysis to a quick and easy task. No matter what your analytical and information needs are X3Analyses is right here to meet them. X3Analyses product family includes Basic and Professional version.

X3Analyses Basic is ideal for investors with basic analytical needs like exploring financial statements, calculating basic valuation ratios, comparing companies, doing fast screenings, etc. Easy to set up and use it enables you to quckly find the investment opportunities you were looking for. Learn more about X3Analyses Basic.

X3Analyses Professional is the choice for banks, investment institutions, intermediaries and professional investors who want to have a flexible solution that can operate with massive amounts of data to answer all their questions and at the same time be easy to modify and simple enough to use without training. Learn more about X3Analyses Professional.

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