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X3Analyses Professional is the complete solution for professionals - with all the power and flexibility needed.

With X3Analyses Professional users gain the opportunity to:

  • analyse financial statements
  • do comprehensive financial and valuation analyses including key statistics, valuation multiples, ratios
  • build a comparable company analysis in mere seconds by simply entering tickers
  • find stocks according to different screening criteria such as P/E, ROE, market cap, growth, beta and other
  • do sophisticated statistic analyses, build correlation matrices, compare betas
  • analyse the daily trading activity on Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia

X3Analyses Professional is highly flexible. The application can be modified to accommodate and integrate proprietary data of investment institutions or include new reports and analyses in order to achieve more customized solutions which will best suit your needs.

When you have to send analyses to your clients, X3Analyses Professional makes it easier. Results can be printed as reports, saved as Adobe PDFs, sent to Microsoft Excel or copied into other Microsoft Office applications.

X3Analyses Professional requires little to no user training. End users are able to use it in minutes, resulting in fast deployment and reduced costs.

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